Precious Love

This package is for couples that want to be involved in the wedding process but need assistance with other details of your wedding day, finding the right wedding vendors, finalize day-of needs and more.  This is our most popular package with clients.

  • Oversee Day of Direction-Ceremony and Reception Execution
  • Rehearsal Coordination
  • Providing vendor recommendation
  • Vendor Contract Reviews
  • Finalizing contract negotiation, for any remaining vendors
  • Confirmation calls with all service vendors
  • Assist couple with bridal etiquette for the ceremony
  • Assist couple with development of timelines for routine 

       wedding day events and serve as technical advisor

  • Provide instruction to wedding participants (ushers and hostess)
  • Up to five virtual or face to face planned meetings 
  • Primary Coordinator & Minimum One Assistant (Depending on of size of your event and the specific services needed)

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Photo Credit: Exclusive Elegance by Elise and George Street Photography