Why Do I Need a Wedding Consultant?

Wedding Consultants are professionals whose training, expertise, and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it can possibly be. They can save you considerable time, money and stress when planning your wedding. Wedding consultants have information on many ceremony and reception sites as well as reliable service providers such as photographers, videographers, florists, and creative ideas which save you hours of investigation and legwork.

Wedding consultants can provide facilities and service providers to match your budget. They can also save you stress by ensuring that what you are planning is correct and that the service providers you hire are reliable and professional and aren’t charging you too much for the services they are providing. Most service providers recommended by wedding consultants will go out of their way to do an excellent job for you so that the wedding consultant will continue to recommend their services.

Options: You can have a wedding consultant help you do as much or as little as you think necessary. A consultant can help you plan the whole event from the beginning to the end, helping you formulate a wedding budget, assist with selecting your ceremony and reception site, flowers, wedding gowns, invitations, and service providers; or s/he can help you at the end by coordinating the rehearsal and the wedding day. Remember, you want to feel like a guest at your own wedding. You and your family should not have to worry about any details on that special day. You take care of the big details and the coordinator will remind you of the small details. This is the wedding consultant’s job.

Things to Consider: Strongly consider engaging in the services of a wedding consultant. Contrary to what many people believe, a wedding consultant is part of your wedding budget, not an extra expense! A good wedding consultant should be able to save you at least the amount of their fee by suggesting less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding. In addition, some consultants obtain discounts from the service providers with whom they work. The consultant can also serve as an intermediary between you and your parents and/or service providers.

When hiring a wedding consultant, make sure you check their references. Ask the consultant if they are a member of any Associations. All members agree to uphold a Code of Ethics and Standards of Membership. Many consultants have formal training and experience in event planning and in other specialties related to weddings, such as flower arranging, catering and conflict resolution.

Price Range: $600-$3,000

Here are just few reasons to consider hiring Exclusive Elegance by Elise as your wedding coordinator:

“Elise is the reason my wedding day was such a great success. Elise knowledge and expertise allowed me to just concentrate on making that important walk down the aisle. I had no worries.” Tonya

“We want to thank you for the excellent coordination service you gave throughout the planning and on the actual day of our wedding.” Njeri

“Our consultant was very personal, responsive and organized. Elise took great initiative in working with the members of our wedding party, especially in those situations when the wedding party members were not responding, I appreciate her being our wedding coordinator and friend. As the bride she kept me sane during trying times.” Joyce